The Problem - Most offroad dirt bikes come factory-equipped with a coolant overflow bottle. KTM, unlike their
competition, does not provide this feature on any of their modern
offroad dirt bikes. From the KTM factory, you
get a hose connected to the radiator overflow that vents to the ground. This option would be fine on a
motocross track. On the contrary, riding a slow technical trail on a hot day 30 miles from civilization, the last
thing you want is to vent your radiator fluid to the ground.

The Solution - Catch your radiator fluid by using a coolant recovery tank. This tank is attached by a hose to
the overflow vent. Now when you are 30 miles out and boil over, the hot coolant will vent to the recovery tank
instead of the ground. As the bike cools down, the spent coolant will be sucked back into the radiator to be
used at a later time.
Fits all full size KTM motorcycles with PDS shock
125, 200, 250, 300, 380, 400, 450, 520, 525, sx, mxc, exc, smr
Kits Now Available for
Suzuki RMZ 450 all years
  • 8 ounce size - increases the capacity & efficiency of the stock cooling system
  • Polyethylene tank - light weight & resistant to all types of coolants
  • Hi-90 deg. Kynar fittings - will not Hi strength Kynar
  • Transparent blue Urethane tubing - 6 feet of tubing resistant to heat and chemicals
  • Slim design - tucks behind rear side panel out of harms way
  • Orange zip-ties -  5x 4" & 2x 14" orange cable ties for a clean install
$ 30.00 US + shipping
** C.R.T. (Coolant Recovery Tank) Kit **