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Coolant recovery Tank Install Instructions

Install is shown on a 2003 model 450 exc
2004 and newer see last page
EXC street legal 2007 models will have to move the charcoal can for install
1. Remove the seat, gas tank, air-box side cover, side # plate, and overflow hose
near the radiator cap.

2. Route the ¼” hose starting from the radiator to the air-box. Leave about 6”
extra hose near the radiator cap for adjustment later. Be careful choosing your
route, avoid kinking the hose, or routing it where it can get pinched by reinstalling
the gas tank. Follow the stock clutch cable and wire harness. Secure the hose
along the way using zip ties.

3. Remove the bolt that attaches the air-box to the sub frame. It is right above the
kickstand holder.

4. Cut off about 10” of the left over hose for the breather-overflow.

5. Pull back the black plastic enough to fit the CRT (coolant recovery tank) under
the sub frame. Leave the tank half way installed and attach the hoses. You can
secure the hoses with zip ties although not necessary. The rounded part of the
tank should point down and toward the center of the bike, see the pictures below
for correct placement.

6. Now you can top off your radiator and fill the CRT( through the overflow tube)
with coolant ( I used a plastic squeeze bottle).  Fill the CRT and the hose to the
radiator so there is very little if any air in the line. You only need to fill the CRT so
the lower barbed end is submerged by the coolant when the bike is cold.  

7. Route the breather-overflow hose where
you would like. (I routed it behind the fender)  

8. Re assemble the bike.

2004 and newer bikes with single tail section

All is the same as above just remove the tail plastic and trim the plastic piece
where the CRT will be placed.